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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cavalier Bird Toys photo contest is EXPLODING!

So glad to see that our photo contest has engaged SO many people and bird lovers to our facebook page!
The cool thing is that anyone can vote and anyone can submit a photo! The entries get voted on by viewers of the page and also their friends...I see that some of our entries already 'get that' and have posted many times to their own pages trying to get their facebook friends to vote for them! (Smart thinking!)
With the success of this contest, we will be sure to do it again!
The only thing is...how do I keep the same person from winning all of the time??
I have some ideas, but I really don't want to put too many rules on this contest.
We're also thinking of making other contests like a "Toy Design" contest...or "Favorite bird-food recipe" contest.
What do you think?

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